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Appeal to Well being and Properly Being Rune Yoga Stadhagaldr

Appeal to Well being and Properly Being Rune Yoga Stadhagaldr

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Rune – Yoga – Stadhagaldr

Stadhagaldr is a magical system of Runic Postures. Gestures and Postures are utilized in each Magical apply. The Goal of Stadhagaldr, runic postures is to can help you management your physique via posture. You possibly can management your ideas via Tune, management of breath and feelings. Additionally elevating consciousness and turning into extra conscious of your self and the world round you.

The pioneers of Stadhagaldr are the early twentieth Century Runemasters, F.B. Marby, S.A. Krummer, and Karl Spiesberger. They developed a system of Runic Yoga that harnessed the streams of energy of the Universe, which is now known as the Quantum Ocean or Thoughts of God.

Marby spoke of the Quantum Ocean when he stated, “The internal area of the Earth is an enormous, however contained, zone of tranquil area that radiates power. The fabric Earth’s area is the Bodily matter of the planet.”

The Quantum Ocean is an infinite ocean of clever, pondering power the place all the pieces exists within the type of power. Our bodily Earth is likely one of the manifestations of an power sample throughout the Quantum Ocean.

The Rune Magician, Sorcerer and Wizard is aware of methods to obtain and ship patterns of power from the Quantum Ocean to anywhere on Earth no matter DISTANCE. They grow to be antennas for the reception and broadcast of Runic Energies.

They will draw into themselves sure Runic forces or mixture of forces through the use of correct Runic postures and Runic sounds.

By turning into conscious of those Runic forces the Rune Magician, Wizard and Sorcerer can information them consciously and assist with the evolution of the their ancestral soul.

The Runes are Common Artistic Energies and their first impact is on the transformation and therapeutic of the person practising Rune Yoga, Stadhagaldr.

Guido Von Record has offered us with an Armanen set of Runic Yoga workout routines. They’re very highly effective and efficient as a result of they solely use 18 Runes.

It is rather tough to search out good data on Guido Von Record’s Runic Yoga workout routines. The Knights of Runes is an efficient supply for this data. Electronic mail me without cost runes publication.

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Appeal to Well being and Properly Being Rune Yoga Stadhagaldr


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