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Defending Towards Coronavirus: Significance of Thymus Gland Stimulation

Defending Towards Coronavirus: Significance of Thymus Gland Stimulation

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Many are acquainted, I am positive, with the time period ‘happiness is an inside job’, whereas many extra with ‘the dominion of heaven is inside’. Two sentences originating centuries aside with each expressing profound everlasting reality.

The time period ‘inside’, after all, is directional, in that, no matter we’re really searching for in life, be it well being, therapeutic, happiness, Immunity or prosperity, comes from inside [consciousness].

So, the place inside is ‘heaven’: the place is that this divine state which exudes well being, happiness and immunity, and the way virtually is it harvested into every day life?

There’s a follow method for this very objective included on the finish of this text.

The reasoning behind many ‘inside’ sayings, together with scriptures, is to set off the endocrine system, notably the thymus gland designed — by the Creator — particularly for defeating viral points reminiscent of coronavirus.

When the consciousness turns into fused with thymus outpourings, the expertise shall be the whole lot, and extra, we every instinctively search in life.

Thymus comes from Greek ‘Thymos’ referring to life vitality; it is also known as the second coronary heart, and biblically: Sacred Coronary heart or, Sacred Thymus.

Identified additionally because the happiness centre, the thymus promotes wholesome ageing and longevity.

However, apparently, one thing which just about actually will go unobserved from a stimulated thymus, is the discharge of the miracalous antiviral proteins, the mature white blood cells often called T cells, the antibodies or T lymphocytes liable for defending in opposition to overseas antigens getting into the physique.

Antiviral proteins are the immune system’s devoted warriors produced exactly and selectively for defeating viruses. Often called interferons, antiviral proteins are highly effective inhibitors at stopping improvement of virus within the cells, when the thymus works like an incubator in creating mature antibodies.

White blood cells originate from bone marrow which journey by way of the bloodstream to the thymus gland from the place these immature cells turn out to be mature cells – certified defenders in opposition to viruses.

The thymus is a main organ of the immune system and is positioned behind the third rib, behind the sternum or breastbone within the higher chest slightly below the throat.

Like teaching, the thymus ‘trains’ white blood cells often called T cells to acknowledge overseas cell invaders getting into the physique. T cells are important to the adaptive immune system, the place the physique ‘adapts’ to overseas cell incursions. In essence, the thymus is the mind of the immune system, whereas the immune system itself is thought to be a ‘floating mind’.

Preserving the thymus functioning optimally requires private diligence to what weakens the immune system, reminiscent of extra stress, fear and the myriad of health-destroying addictive substances, however, additionally, emotively charged improper pondering. Extra on this additional on.

So, whereas the state of Heaven resides inside, transcendentally, COVID-defeating is accessed by way of thymus stimulation.

By launch of anti-viral proteins, created only for the duty, the immune system naturally defends the body-organism in opposition to viral assault, as a matter after all.

Thymus movement modifications the whole lot

The structure of Divine Love is ‘transformation by way of purification’. In different phrases, each soul by way of which Divine Customary passes turns into reworked into its nature. Within the context of defeating COVID, subsequently, making a Bliss vibration within the thymus is vital, it’s well being transformational.

The surest approach of being ‘in divine vibration’, of alignment in ‘well being consciousness’, is for consciousness to be established in thymus love outflow naturally — established in vibrational greater coronary heart chakra consciousness.

To facilitate thymus love expression inside the physiology, the psychological mechanisms want acclimatization into withstanding vibrational bliss by way of the tactic method on the finish of this text.

The method, whereas acquainted to many because the sacred sound mantra, is an historic follow: a concentrated internal chant which creates a bliss vibration within the thymus which then expands to empower your entire thoughts/physiology. A cosmic resonance that may go away us eager to be ‘inside’ its frequency vary, completely, notably throughout COVID.

Making ready for bliss harvesting

So, allow us to look now at how we could also be contributing to our personal bliss and immunity remaining ‘blocked’.

Much like oil residing deep beneath the ocean mattress, our personal bliss potential lies deep inside consciousness as pure immutable silence – silence awaiting consciousness contact. However, as we all know, oil in ‘crude’ format has little sensible worth to the householder, however, when refined appropriately, its potential turns into monumental — its optimistic use modifications the whole lot in our sensible world.

Equally, for pure silence to exude maximally inside, a refining course of is required — a purification of the psychological mechanisms by way of which consciousness flows. This refinement is carried out by vibrational Silence and never lower-ego persona, thus marking graduation of upper coronary heart states of consciousness by way of your entire mental-physical organism.

Utilizing rocket-launch parlance, purified consciousness represents ‘ignition sequence’: when our soul’s religious love-force ignites: when Bliss propels thoughts/consciousness cosmically by way of the gravitational discipline of mortality, limitation, worry and resistance to life-flow — together with by way of COVID drag and its related ranges of consciousness.

Put in context, the psychological gravitational discipline by way of which we’re propelling ideas every day determines psychological and bodily well-being, determines improvement commonplace of immune consciousness — pure or impure, poisonous or unhazardous, well being or ill-health.

The expressional distinction between ‘ranges of consciousness’ is completely essential in defence in opposition to COVID and total bodily/religious well-being.

On this context, the three Chakra ranges beneath the thymus, beneath greater coronary heart fourth chakra, characterize decrease to lowest ranges of vibrational consciousness, ranges by way of which a spiritually asleep soul vibrates.

The importance thus, of awakening the fourth chakra and thymus gland, turns into apparent. The shift in consciousness is completely life-changing in that it represents entry unto greater ranges of immunity consciousness — biblically phrased: ‘Jesus entered into Jerusalem on a donkey’ — symbolism for you/me getting into the upper coronary heart chakra by way of silence meditation (symbolized by the donkey).

What particularly is purified?

Contemplating their monumental impression, have we ever contemplated how the psychological processes function?

So, in easy phrases: the acutely aware thoughts ‘thinks’ whereas the mind ‘decides’.

So, previous to refinement of the three decrease chakras talked about earlier, the pondering thoughts and mind are set at carnal thoughts stage: no capability of pondering / discerning spiritually; thus the biblical time period ‘fall of man’ interprets ‘fall of thoughts/mind’ into the mire of delusion or religious ignorance – realm of the three chakras beneath greater coronary heart (fourth) chakra.

This ‘fall’ — of thoughts/mind — after all is not any fault on our half as such, it is by design. If it weren’t so, there may very well be no acutely aware Resurrection [of consciousness] no acutely aware Ascension unto greater states of coronary heart/thymus consciousness.

So, breaking it down: The physique/thoughts/mind/senses are every initially born into the three decrease chakra ranges often called ‘sin’ – ‘sin’ that means: lacking the religious mark. ‘Sin’ or, religious ignorance, is current in order that we could transcend or escape its gravity pull on the mind-senses – propelled by Bliss — thereby releasing (purifying) these schools from automated adherence to ‘sin’, and associated ranges of consciousness.

Thus, previous to purification, the psychological schools are at ‘slave commonplace’ to decrease chakra regurgitations till the attracting ‘sin’ dynamic is neutralized, which, virtually talking, merely entails ‘warding off the worn grass-lines — the psychological thought tracks — till healed over by way of vibrational silence meditation.

So, the query beckons — what stage(s) of consciousness are we pondering and discerning by way of: the three decrease chakras or the upper vibrational chakras?

The reply is pivotal, notably regards COVID-defeating and optimum launch of mature antibodies: the antiviral proteins from the miraculous thymus gland.

Lastly, to stress, that, though vibrational bliss silence ‘pulses’ within the thymus chakra, it’s triggered within the base [of spine] chakra by way of the vibrational AUM sound reaching this space. The AUM vibration initially travels downwards to the bottom chakra, however then, on contact with base chakra, rises upwards to the thymus coronary heart chakra, awakening the three decrease chakras alongside the way in which. On passing by way of the thymus, the vibration continues journeying upwards to the mind the place it awakens the three gland chakras above the center chakra – thyroid, pineal and pituitary, representing full endocrine awakening thus most COVID safety.

Practise for Sacred Sound Vibration

Sit with palms dealing with upwards on knees.

Begin outer listening to the sacred mantra AUM by way of frivolously touching lips for about two minutes – really feel the lips vibrate.

After two minutes, stop outer listening to and proceed silently internal listening to A-U-M vibration within the centre of the mind between the eyebrows.

The subtler this internal listening to, the deeper the thymus bliss resonance.

15-20 minutes twice every day is good. Blessings.—Key-to-Defeating-Coronavirus-Naturally&id=10462129

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Defending Towards Coronavirus: Significance of Thymus Gland Stimulation



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