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i would die in 7 hours, and I am not afraid.

i would die in 7 hours, and I am not afraid.

I (14M) have a bone illness generally known as A number of Hereditary Exostoses (MHE). It causes benign bone tumors to develop in every single place on my physique. Though they don’t seem to be cancerous, they’re very painful when they’re close to a nerve.

Loads of these tumors have grown in my knees, fingers and ribs. You possibly can most likely guess there are a variety of nerves and muscle tissues there that may be pinched and pierced. It hurts quite a bit. I’m continually at stage 5 ache (scale of 1-10). I can solely stroll for as much as 2 minutes, I am unable to write (with a pen, if I couldnt sort this publish wouldnt exist lol) and I am principally in agony.

Now we have determined I’ll go for surgical procedure to noticed off a number of the most painful tumors in my knee. Hopefully this can restore my capacity to stroll. The medical doctors have additionally determined we must always take away 2 of my ribs, which have cracked because of the tumors. They will get replaced with metallic I feel.

There’s a 20% likelihood of loss of life with all these very sophisticated procedures, and naturally an opportunity this surgical procedure would not change something, and even makes it worse. Rolling a lower than 6 sided cube to find out if I reside or die. However to be sincere, I do not actually care what occurs on this surgical procedure.

If it really works, nice, I can stroll once more. If it fails and my situation stays the identical/deteriorates, I’ve tailored to this illness sufficient. I can most likely deal with a couple of turns for the worst. And if I die, effectively, I suppose then there is no such thing as a extra ache.

My mates say it’s flawed for me to really feel okay about dying. I am not suicidal, I would not kill myself if I had the prospect. However I do not precisely care if I die at this level. It is in destiny’s palms at this level.

Remark something, in 7 hours, I will be on the working desk that’ll decide my future.

EDIT: Quickly about to enter the working room. Welp, that is it. Let’s examine our destiny.


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