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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet | Pokémon Presents 08.03.22 Mega Thread

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet | Pokémon Presents 08.03.22 Mega Thread

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* [Welcome to the Paldea region! | Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet](
* [Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet | Overview Trailer (Japanese Only)](

**Info Roundup:**

* [Paldea is the name of the new Region.](
* [You’ll have the legendaries right from the start](
* You possibly can journey throughout Paldea in [Miraidon and Koraidon](
* A brand new type of Wooper has been revealed for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet ([Paldean Wooper)](
* [Another new Pokémon has been shown in for Scarlet & Violet](, his identify is Cetitan.
* [A new battle mechanic has been showcased in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet]( The Terastal phenomenon lets Pokémon Terastallize that may present a lift to its strikes. [Some even change forms based on the Tera Type](
* A brand new Pokémon has been revealed referred to as [Fidough](
* Raid Battles make a return in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.
* 8 Gyms are confirmed. No set path for difficult gyms.
* Pokédex is enormously expanded.
* [Multiplayer lets you explore the Paldea with 3 friends (up to 4 players)](
* [You can get a special Pikachu as an early purchase bonus; it’ll be available to claim until February 2023 with the Mystery Gift feature.](

# New Characters:

* [Grusha is the Glaseado Gym Leader (Ice-Type)](
* [Clavel]( is the director of the academy the place you’re the new pupil.
* [Arven is an upperclassman at the academy.](
* [Mr. Jacq]( is your homeroom trainer, and he teaches biology.
* [Penny is one of your rivals.](

# Artworks:

* [Official artwork of Paldean Wooper, a Poison/Ground-type](
* [Official artwork of Fidough, a Fairy-type Pokémo](
* [Official artwork of Cetitan, an Ice-type Pokémon](
* [Official artwork of the new Rotom Phone](
* [Official artwork of the the Terastal Phenomenon](
* [Special key artwork for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet](

# Some Cool In Recreation Screenshots:

* [Friends](, [Terastallize](, [Slaking and Vigoroth](, [Fidough](,[Flying Koraidon](, [Miraidon and Koraidon](, [Fidough Squad](, [Terastallizing](, [Swimming Miraidon](, [Koraidon Gecko Mode](


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