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Thousand Secret Names of Goddess Shakthi: Lalitha Sahasranama – Half I

Thousand Secret Names of Goddess Shakthi: Lalitha Sahasranama – Half I

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Lalitha Sahasranama means thousand names of Lalitha, the Divine Mom.It happens within the uthara kanda of Brahmanda Purana, the final among the many eighteen Puranas of Hindus. It’s in Lalithopakyanam which implies the detailed story of Lalitha, the Divine Mom. This can be a dialogue between the sage Agastya and Hayagriva.

On this sacred textual content thousand names of Holy Mom has been systematically organized in a secret method. The letters are so organized that every title is protected with twenty 4 sutras known as salakshara sutras. No letter could be inserted nor altered on this sacred textual content. One who recites these thousand names will get wealth, well being and in the end the salvation. This belongs to all, to the complete humanity. Everyone has a proper over these mantras. Anyone can recite this.

Sage Agastya throughout one in every of his wanderings got here to Kanchipuram within the south from northern Himalayas. He commenced a rigorous Tapas which means penance to seek out out a simple method for salvation for every and all people. Happy together with his rigorous penance Lord Hayagriva with a horse’s head which means knowledge appeared earlier than him and granted a boon. Agastya requested the Lord whether or not there’s a method for poor deluded human being to comprehend Mukthi which means salvation via Bhoga (having fun with worldly pleasures) itself with out recourse to austerities and penance Hayagriva advised Agastya that the best, most secure and essentially the most direct path to the attainment of each bhukthi and mukthi which implies all fascinating enjoyments and powers on this life in addition to final freedom is the contemplation of Lalitha because the united atma swarupini of all of the apparently of a number of consciousnesses prevalent within the threefold universe.

Within the dialogue, then comes the thousand names of the Holy Mom. That is the very best sahasranama which is able to bestow all the advantages to 1 who recites it. Each title of the Mom has a deep secret in it.

Within the second a part of this essay we are going to be taught extra about it.

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Thousand Secret Names of Goddess Shakthi: Lalitha Sahasranama – Half I


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