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Transcendence and Meditation – Key to Defeating Coronavirus Naturally

Transcendence and Meditation – Key to Defeating Coronavirus Naturally

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The next 4 scriptures — plus a key verse from Bhagavad-Gita — when understood and applied, have profound bearings on defeating coronavirus naturally thus halting its unfold globally, for finally, self-immunity would be the reply.

Hold this idea of well being and of self-immunity in thoughts whereas studying this text.

‘Jesus rose physique and soul gloriously and triumphantly into heaven’ Luke 24–51

Throughout my teenagers and early school-going years, on listening to or studying these phrases, I’d ask myself repeatedly, ‘how on earth is that feat potential, is that this for actual’?

Again then, the closely indoctrinated spiritual priest/academics, and their fundamentalist method to scriptures, left no room for wholesome questioning. For them, institutional literal Scripture was actual, the very factor the Bible warns in opposition to. Every thing biblical again then was predicated on blind religion just like their very own, there being no room of their inn for a broader perspective. We both excepted artifical institutional scripture or excommunicated our-self from ‘their’ church.

How instances have modified.

Understanding some biblical phrases.

So, past blind religion, how virtually does ‘rising’ into heaven happen, how is that this bodily potential?

Amazingly, the reply to this and related questions have been revealed centuries in the past by the traditional rishis of India within the five-thousand years plus immortal Bhagavad-Gita.

So, allow us to put the above scripture into relatable mature context, supported by esoteric understanding.

To know this and the next transformative scriptures totally, it is important to grasp what sure biblical phrases like ‘Jesus’ and ‘man’ signify esoterically.

Simply take note – an open one ideally — that, the verses about to be decoded, are all related to defeating coronavirus.

So, biblical ‘Jesus’ is a given title which means ‘Best Man’, the Excellent or Transcendent Thoughts – ‘Man’ is symbolism for Thoughts.

Isaiah 11-6 places it: “And the Wolf shall dwell with the Lamb”

Not seeming apparent — for being closely coded – however, when translated, Isaiah sums up completely the process of ‘rising gloriously and triumphantly into heaven’, as we will see.

‘The wolf shall dwell with the Lamb’ interprets a strategy of integration, the place ‘wolf’, being symbolism for thoughts/decrease mind and senses, that these ‘shall dwell’, combine, be in unity — stop their realized exercise — thereby rise to the extent of heaven inside our personal consciousness.

Rising into heaven subsequently will not be a couple of bodily physique in some way defying the legal guidelines of gravity and rising up into the sky. Relatively, rising takes place inside the thoughts, rising up spiritually inside consciousness, that, it is the thoughts/senses/lower-ego which — on turning into remodeled — rise to the state of Heavenly consciousness, of, Excellent Well being consciousness.

Wolf and Lamb subsequently graphically depict the seeming inconceivable state of affairs. Isaiah is declaring that the decrease ‘fatted calf’, the human mind/senses mixed, which he phrases, the wolf — shall stop all lusting, craving, ravenous sense-consciousness exercise and dwell [merge in stillness] AS the Lamb [of God, of, Pure Innocence].

Jesus stated: “It’s written”:

“Man doesn’t reside by bread alone however on each phrase that comes from the mouth of God” – Matthew 4-4.”

The esoteric time period: “It’s written” means, already established, written in stone, or, the unchanging Reality of 1’s Being. That, as we’re every born each relative and absolute concurrently, that, this [teaching] pertains to our technique of ‘soul feed’ from the Absolute.

The take-away is: meals which we purchase or develop makes the bodily relative earth physique, however that, Spirit is which nourishes, and types, absolutely the imperishable non secular physique. Additionally, that, feeding the ego/senses/thoughts with mental pleasures solely doesn’t alter the state of the soul upward – therefore the non secular worth of fasting, of denying the 5 senses their ‘craving’ experiences.

This scripture broadens the earlier Isaiah message. It units the esoteric agenda for defeating coronavirus, for, finally, it is we who should implement these scriptures virtually, make them alive and actual in our life past perception programs and mental ‘meals’, which meals, in some instances, from the non secular profit side, might be de-vitalized food-words.

The next translation clarifies the phrases ‘bread’ and ‘man’ into extra relatable phrases.

1 Corinthians 21 places it:

“For simply as loss of life got here by the use of a person, in the identical approach the rising from loss of life comes by the use of a person.”

When mirrored upon esoterically — when it comes to going to heaven and defeating coronavirus — this verse is without doubt one of the most pivotal to grasp, as we will see.

‘Man’ right here, as talked about earlier, is symbolism for thoughts, thus, rising or ascension into heaven is by the use of the thoughts. ‘Loss of life’ right here which means lack of non secular consciousness. In different phrases, because it was the born-into animalistic thoughts which prompted loss – or loss of life — of aware or conscious contact with everlasting Spirit, it is by the identical thoughts, when woke up and remodeled, that our soul regains divine standing, regains everlasting consciousness, which consciousness types the Resurrection physique, that of divine consciousness — to incorporate covid immunity.

So, to ensure that thoughts to rise gloriously and triumphantly into the dominion of affection, peace and therapeutic, it should expertise non secular Bread or, Mana, as in, Man+A, which means, thoughts nourished in vibrational ‘A’ as in, ‘A’UM, the sacred vibration of creation which alone results in transcendence, which alone nourishes and transforms, recalibrates, the whole respiratory and nervous system into making Ascent potential and experiential. To this end result, whereas the bodily physique feeds on earth meals, the thoughts — which means ‘man’ — nourishes on non secular MANA or ‘Phrase of God’ AUM vibration. Thus, by each day consumption into the thoughts of Aum vibration, of Mana, thoughts ‘feasts’ lavishly on Well being and Bliss from absolutely the everlasting realm.

What’s transcendence and the way does one transcend?

Because the above biblical authors have been talking from extremely developed meditative/transcendent intellects – and never sermonizing in any formal faith context — thus, to grasp their trance revelations on the sensible degree, it is vital that we cognize simply what occurs in thoughts and physique throughout meditation previous to transcendence.

Meditation is a journey into the Excellent: a journey into Life, into our personal consciousness. A journey of human consciousness unto non secular transformation. A journey of overcoming, of revelation and Ascent unto everlasting consciousness.

To this end result, because the breath reduces in amplitude in meditation, thus thoughts and physique additionally cut back to minimal or, least exercise. This least exercise, of lowering the metabolic course of, corresponds to pure consciousness, to good well being. This state of least thoughts/physique/breath exercise, of non-passivity, lies outdoors the aircraft of the fabric world, it’s the realm of absolute Being.

Least exercise, of going from gross to delicate, represents suspension of ageing and the stress-producing hormones. Such is when the breath, nervous system and conditioned mind, whereas concurrently conscious, ascend unto transcendental consciousness.

Thus transcendence IS eternity, transcendence IS Being, transcendence IS Heaven as our risen consciousness, the Resurrection of the brand new non secular well being physique,

What’s Being?

The phrase Being means ‘to be’ as in Be-ing. Being is everlasting: at all times was, at all times will likely be, which means Being is Omnipresence, in all places concurrently. So, if we’re to imagine the state-nature of Heaven, of Being, we have simply ‘to be’ inside, in a simple approach. This represents meditation minus perception programs, which, play no half within the course of.

Meditation thus expands the aware capability of thoughts – making the unconscious aware — thus establishing thoughts in Omnipresence standing: alignment with the everlasting cosmic life drive, the vibratory nature of Transcendent Being.

To accommodate aware return to Being, our consciousness should re-orientate to resist pure transcendental silence. Thus, transcendence, like metallic to magnet, occurs by regulation, when thoughts turns into naturally drawn upward, drawn gloriously and triumphantly unto renaturing as everlasting bliss.

Past the legal guidelines of nature and defeating coronavirus

Well being is main and is the very nature of Being. On this context, regards gaining Being consciousness, Lord Krishna, within the immortal Bhagavad Gita, places it to Arjuna, symbolism for you/me:

“Be with out the three gunas O Arjuna” — ch 2 v 45.

In different phrases, transcend the legal guidelines [of nature] which govern the sector of relativity and ill-health and enter the realm of transcendental consciousness, the never-changing state past illness and viruses, past the realm of opposites and the ever-changing phenomenal world.

Publish meditation, thoughts and physique return infused of well being, return cosmically, bringing everlasting bliss consciousness into each side of the fabric physique. Expression of this new bliss standing by the human physiology thus is important. It ensures permanency of transcendental bliss standing in thoughts, nervous system and all through the whole mobile, molecular programs, the well being of that are main in establishing disease-free consciousness and rapid immune response to coronavirus. being&id=10442461—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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Transcendence and Meditation – Key to Defeating Coronavirus Naturally


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